What sets Abracadabra apart from other landscapers

  1. Abracadabra Landscape is a family owned and operated company
  2. Jim Kauth personally oversees every single item that goes into your landscape
  3. Not one complaint since 2001 when the company was started 
  4. We are known for our landscape makeovers, but we also do new construction
  5. We focus on installing low maintenance plants that are also low water use
  6. For landscape installations we don't charge a fee to give you an estimate and the design work is included in the cost of the installation. Our installations can cost as low as $1500 for a small backyard with minimal plants to $250,000 for a backyard with every item you can imagine. We work within our client's budget and have done work in phases
  7. It all starts with a vision and a plan; nothing is impossible. Our clients enjoy going to the nursery and picking out their plants and learning about plants
  8. We stay focused on one job at a time until it is completed and therefore our clients understand there may be a wait until we can get to their project - The average wait is 30-60 days. 

If you are looking for the cheapest price we are not the company for you.  We charge everyone the same price and won't compromise on that.  You may get another company to do the work for less, but the design, quality and warranty service will never be the same as ours. 

Our employees are dedicated, honest, and caring.  They deserve to be paid for their hard work and a company cannot do that when trying to give the cheapest price. 



The process begins with a meeting with Jim Kauth. 

He will come to your home and sit with you to discuss your landscape needs and the vision you have for your property.  He will ask questions, answer questions, take notes, and make suggestions.  All the while looking out your windows and sliding glass doors to see what you see everyday.  We design from the "inside out" so when your guests come into your home they are drawn to the "outside" by what they see from those windows and doors.   

We will take measurements and walk around the property with you to get a feel of the property.  Then put some numbers together to form a preliminary budget, sort of a pre-estimate estimate.  This will help you decide on a budget for the project.  Every project has a budget to work with no matter how large.  To date, no one has given us a blank check and said fill in the blanks. This pre-estimate is usually emailed to you and a follow-up appointment is made to discuss the numbers.
After the estimate is massaged to reflect your budget, a formal estimate/contract will be created and will disclose everything including:  Costs, time of completion, draw schedules, and meeting times.

A meeting time is set up for you at the nursery to view plants and to discuss color and type.  Another meeting time is set to preview materials: pavers, travertine, stone, etc. 

A working plan is created and the work commences.    

Of course, things will look worse around your house before they begin to look better, but when everything comes together, the results are very exciting.


We design and install irrigation systems using the latest technology.  Sprinkler heads, valves, and control timers all have advanced tremendously to provide drastic savings in water usage.  Ask about an upgrade to a "Smart Controller" that uses "ET" to run your irrigation system.  These new systems can save you over 40% on your current water costs. 

We love to introduce vibrant colors and textures to your landscape!


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